Amanda Apparel

A lot of sparkles

When one of your favourite bloggers asks you to help them with a rebrand of their blog it’s not just a great honour but I also knew that this was going to be a super fun task. Amanda is a super stylish babe from Edinburgh, she loves intersectional feminism, wearing pink not just on Wednesdays, calls herself an Instagram fanatic and is an avid user of the sparkle emoji.

When we got together to discuss the direction her new blog design should take, we both very quickly agreed to step away from the very common blogger look of hand lettering and metallics. Don’t get me wrong, we all know I love hand lettering, but if you want to stand out, you sometimes need to make one step futher and be a little bolder than every one else.

I drew my main inspiration from looking at her most current outfit shootings and instagram pictures. Blush, peach and lilac tones, wether warm or cold, are a undeniably Amanda’s favourite colours.
When looking for the perfect font I stumbled over Giaza Pro and immediately knew that Amanda would love it, eventhough it gives a lot of more swirly options and has so many different glyphs to choose from sometimes less is definetly more. That’s why after playing around with the font we settled for a very elegant and sleek version of Amandas blog name „Amanda Apparel“ giving it a little more personality by adding some sparkles.

As you can see the logo doesn’t just work on the blush to lilac gradient, but in an inverted version in either of the colors or filled with the gradient. What you can see above is my Basic Blogger Branding Package, that includs an individual logo, colours, an alternative minimal version of the logo that can be used as an avatar or profil picture and the new font. In additon to that we also created a beautiful set of business cards, that not only show Amanda’s new branding, but also some of her favourite outfits, to make sure potential clients and plus size fashion retailers will not forget her.

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