Beaute Plantureuse


A Plus Size & Lifestyle Blog.

German plus size blogger Amélie is a fashionable girl with a big smile on her face. She loves minimalistic but chic fashion, a tidy and cleared up environment and giving her life a little twist with fun pops of color or sweet accessories. That is exactly what we wanted people to see when they first visit her blog Beaute Plantureuse or see her business cards.

Amélie’s blog is run on blogspot and based on a simple free template they offer, all I did was create a logo and a color schemen that runs through her whole blog. We decided to go for a not so common business card shape and printed it on square paper. All cards share the same backside but have three different front sides. When you go to events as a blogger I think it’s much nicer to have a card with a nice outfit picture or portrait shot of yourself to show people what you do, so they recognize you, when they scroll through your blog later on.