Curvy Christmas 2016


Rebranding for Curvy Christmas Advent Calendar

For Christmas 2016 Katha & Ela, the organising team of Curvy Christmas, reinvented the whole concept of their plus size advent calender and commissioned me once again for a complete new visual rebrand.
Instead of only offering 24 virtual „doors“ to open, the advent calender for 2016 also included a countdown to New Year’s Eve where 31 bloggers and sponsors were giving away one individual price every day for their followers and readers.

Rebranding Process

With the new concept the Curvy Christmas team also wished for a more modern, cleaner look which still would transport the seasonal vibes well to engage with the audience’s Christmas spirit. The task was set up on a tight budget, as this project is organised by bloggers for bloggers.

I start every job with an inspiration board to collect colours, fonts and textures to determine the direction I want to go in. This time me and Katha as well fell in love with a rose-gold tone which has an elegant effect but is outstanding because it isn’t directly connected to classical Christmas colours.
To keep the look clean but still warm and approachable I chose a handwriting font for the logo and main headlines. The budget didn’t allow me to hand-letter the main font myself so my choice came down to Bromello script. This font, on the one hand, already facilitates a hand-lettered look and on the other hand using an existing font makes the design more accessible to my clients needs for further use and adaptations.

Print Conversion

For the first time the Curvy Christmas design wasn’t exclusively used online. I also created postcards, using Bromello script and the on-brand rose-gold texture, which were send out to every participating blogger as a courtesy gift. And here I have to admit: No matter how much I love the digital age we are living in, my heart will always beat for print design which engages both, the visual and the haptic senses and creates a wider spectrum of enjoyment for me and the recipient.

This project contains:
• Rebranding
• Logo Design
• Print Design
• Social Media Branding & Graphics