Insulting Cuties

Embroidery & Hand Lettering

Insulting Cuties is a small independend business selling hand made embroidery art and hand lettered stationary, they’ve comissioned me to create a logo for their business cards and shop. The main goal was to create a logo that would bring the two core elements of Insulting Cuties‘ craft, embroidery and hand lettering, together, that is why I wanted to transfere the handmade style of their products into their brand new logo. Choosing to mix a very simple but quirky serif font with my own handwritten mirrors exactly how the owners behind Insulting Cuties see their own little business. A small illustration of some stitches, a thread and a needle brings the focus back to embroidery and gives the logo a unique twist.
One of my clients wishes was to include a bright and sunny orange, in tribut to her grandma’s favourite colour, who taught her everything about embroidery. I paired this beautiful colour with muted light and dark greyes to create an easily readable logo and businesscard.

This project contains:
• Branding
• Logo Design
• Hand Lettering