Leo+Sag Branding

Businesscards for Leo+Sag

Feminism paired with a weak spot for astrology.

In February 2017 my partner and me founded our design studio Leo+Sag. It was basically born at our kitchen table in Edinburgh when Elsa and me decided to combine our skills and our love for art and feminism to create printable posters and greeting cards with a powerful message. One of the first things to make our brand come alive was creating a concise and unique branding that suits our purpose perfectly. Designing for yourself is always very tricky. It’s a lot easier to realise a project by sending your work out to a client awaiting feedback or a final go. Instead you constantly feel like there is another thing you could add, another tweak to do, or suddenly three weeks later you stumble upon a font that would fit the logo sooo much better.
I wanted the Leo+Sag logo and brand to feel right for both of us, which is a pretty tough challenge considering Elsa lives a life in monochrome and minimalism, and I like to collect vintage teacups and would put glitter on everything if I could.

Finding a middle ground can be hard, but combining a very straight forward sans serif font with a delicate script tag-line was the approach that worked best with both of our expectations. Even though we do lots of hand lettered products and colourful prints, we knew the logo had to be the strong and clean centrepiece that holds everything else together.

Our brand’s name should stand out against but also work in combination with our designs, the logo should be visible but not overpowering. Choosing dark colours was a natural decision, and the silvery watercolour texture in the „+“ and the tag line makes the logo less heavy and gives an idea what to expect from our designs.

The Brands Aesthetics

The branding and corporate design for a business, no matter how small or big it is, plays a vital role in marketing the products and defines the way how your business and products are perceived by (potential) costumers. Leo+Sag is still in its baby shoes but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to think about the style or aesthetics we want to bring out with every social media post, in our product pictures or the way we brand our social media channels and business cards. Therefore the branding needs to be concise and recognisable.

We try to put our designs the in the focus, no product shot or social media post should be overwhelmed by the surroundings; the product, weather it’s a postcard or a poster, should always be the first thing people see when they look at our visual content. We always aim for a simple but stylish look that won’t overwhelm our customers.
Making our designs the main focus is the reason I chose to print not only one, but five different business card designs. They all come with the same backside that includes basic information and contact details, but we decided to print five different fronts with our favourite motives. This way, people get a great impression of the diversity of our work. For the same reason I decided to make our Etsy and Facebook header just a simple collection of a few posters, with a pop of colour.

Leo+Sag is a young business and we have many new things planned. For me it’s an exciting project being not only the co-founder but also the designer who creates products, and protects and develops the brand.

This project contains:
• Branding
• Logo Design
• Print Design
• Social Media Branding and Posts