Lisa Stewart

Aliens and Soup

Lisa Stewart is an Edinburgh based writer who just debuted with three funny and smart stories about house parties, friendship, soup, romance, lost property and aliens. In summer she reached out to me asking for help with her social media profiles and a website. In the end I came up with a logo to brand her social media profiles plus a brand new website including a blog to promote her books.

Lisa had a very clear vision of what she wanted when we first got together, which made the whole work process easy and ejoyable. The covers for her books were already finished by a great illustrater and became the base of my logo creation so it would be easy for a recipient to connect the visuals of the logo with the books. At the same I wanted the logo to be timeless and classic so Lisa would be able to use it for a long time.
I turned the purple, which I picked from the cover of her book „Soup Is The New Coffee“, into the main colour of her branding because it’s undoubtful a colour that just fits Lisa and her personality perfectly.

Libre Baskerville is based on the original Baskerville font and while being very classic it got a modern twist that makes it easy to read on screen while still looking great in print. Lisa immidietaly loved this choice when I showed her an early logo sketch, so I ended up using it for the logo as well as for the website headings.

To give Lisa’s logo a little more uniqueness I wanted to include her initials lettered by me, I think a small little signè like this is great to use as a profile picture and easy to recognize. It was Lisa who eventually came up with the idea to write her initials herself because it would come natural to her to actually sign something in excatly the way her logo looks like – and this definitely rounds off the whole corporate design for an author who might sign books at some point in her life.

Even though I don’t create websites from scratch, helping Lisa setting up her web presence turned out to be a very fun task. We chose to use WIX as a plattform as I wanted it to be asseccible and easy for her to mantain in the future. She asked for a website that would include a blog to share some of her writing tips or background stories with the readers.
Working with a template from WIX to start with, I easily could apply the aesthetics of Lisa’s new logo to her blog and website. I decided for a one pager as a landing page that shows all the important news and things to know about Lisa at on glance and leads you to the About page for more information, to have a look inside her books or to have a browse at her blog.

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